Maxton Design STREET PRO zadní diffuser RS3 SPORTBACK 8Y

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Značka: Maxton Design
5 390 Kč
Kategorie: Audi
Model automobilu Audi: RS3 8Y
Produkt: Exteriér

Street Pro Rear Diffuser Audi RS3 Sportback 8Y


Audi RS3 Sportback 8Y 2020 -   




 width=Racing Durability Central Rear Diffuser
 width=Mounting kit


Racing Durability elements are characterized by:

Higher durability of material, 10mm ABS plastic plate
Increased resilience to impacts and scratches
Corrosion-invulnerability, no metal elements
Fresh design, neat edge finish
UV-protective coating
Resistance to harsh weather, high and low temperatures
Secure wrapping of the parts
A range of available finish options: 10mm-thick matte black, 10mm-thick matte black with red core
Stickers confirming the items’ quality
No need for painting
(If you decide to paint your product you have to lay a primer layer before applying the paint job)

The ABS that our products are made of was conceived to be used mainly in the automotive industry. It has numerous uses as far as the manufacturing of factory bumpers, as well as, countless car bodywork elements and thanks to the usage of this material they are made to be sturdy and elastic. As a proof of its flair it has received the TUV certificate, and an array of components produced from it is TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certified.

Producing parts from ABS is a procedure comprised of a significant number of different steps. The very last facet of the process is manual processing and then applying finishing details. This care and precision that we treat our products with speaks volumes about the attention that we give to each and every one of them. Additionally, all of our components undergo strict checks prior to shipping so that we can make sure that as many suboptimal items as possible can be eliminated from distribution.



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