Závodní výfukový systém Brombacher Edition Porsche 997.2

Race Exhaust System 997.2 - Brombacher Edition - Catalytic Bypass - Dual Round 3.5" (90 mm) Tips

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Kód: BES 997 200 20S
Značka: FVD
144 589 Kč
Kategorie: Výkonné výfukové systémy pro Porsche
Model automobilu Porsche: 997.2


This exhaust system offers uncompromising sound and performance for the street or track. It is relatively civilized for a bypass system when cruising and a real motorsport dream under full load. FVD Brombacher Germany sources our exhaust systems with the widest range of sound levels and performance on the market. Sound levels range from mild, more conservative street systems, exotic sounding sport systems and wide open, pulse pounding, race systems. Each system has been developed to work together without compromise. Our entire Brombacher Edition line of exhausts is manufactured by M&M Exhaust, GmbH in Germany. They manufacture a multitude of Porsche Motorsport, Porsche Race Exhausts and Porsche Street Exhausts. Each system is manufactured in the highest-grade German V2A - X5CrNi18-10 - 1.4301 (T-304 L) light weight stainless steel and is tested comprehensively for exhaust gas scavenging, velocity, thermal stress, cracking and longevity. M&M exhausts have competed in and won many 24-hour races over the years including Nürburgring, Le Mans, Dubai, Daytona to name a few. When you purchase this exhaust system, you are the benefactor of all that Porsche racing exhaust design experience. If you are looking for an exhaust product that can handle abuse at the track, or on the street look no further.

+28 HP & + 20 TQ Gain
Reduced back pressure and thermal load on the motor
German V2A - X5CrNi18-10 - 1.4301 (T-304 L) light weight stainless steel
Equal length header primary tubing
Catalytic Bypass | Requires ECU Software
Weight savings over the stock system
4 x 3.5"(90 mm) round tips
Motorsport merge collector
Enhanced cup car like motorsport sound

The headers start with a laser cut, stainless steel, dual plated primary flange which is more labor intensive to manufacture. M&M's race experience with thick, single plated flanges warping with age, heat and vibration lead to costly performance losses which prompted them to engineer a more reliable design. Their double plated flange allows for greater thermal expansion which dissipates heat more efficiently, which equates to greater reliability on the track or street. The hand ported primary inlets are also more labor-intensive, but hand porting means more laminar flow which equates to greater exhaust gas velocity and more performance. The inlets lead us to the long tube, equal length primary tubing whose diameter is selected and designed specifically for your engine's displacement. Each primary tube is mandrel bent, segmented and purge TIG welded by hand. For those thinking, why aren't the primaries a seamless length of tubing like some others in the industry? Segmenting strengthens the primaries and prevents stress cracks commonly found with the competition's headers. M&M back purge TIG welds each joint which reduces carbide precipitation and means seamless internal welds for more laminar flow and greater performance. This primary design method has been proven over years of time under the toughest endurance racing conditions. The primary tubing leads us to the custom made, purge TIG welded, internally blended merge collector that smoothly transitions into larger diameter hand ported outlet for greater scavenging effect. The merge collector incorporates a small spike (not a long pyramid spike which can warp with heat and age) at the center which helps to scavenge the flow from each adjacent pipe as the engine fires in sequence. But another key to the merge collector is the larger outlet diameter which increases exhaust gas velocity and broadens the engine's torque curve all the way to the horsepower peak. The header ends with an RSR style flared Aeroquip style flange which assists with increased velocity into the catalytic piping.

The bypass begins with the same RSR style flared connection that is welded to pipes that have an expansion joint which is secured via springs. This is a high-end motorsports trick that prevents cracking, adds durability and simplifies installation. The bypass portion is hollow but visually appears like it has catalytic converters. After the bypass, the pipe paths are kept separate but are welded together for strength, M&M found that configuration made more performance gains than an X pipe design. The post cat O2 sensors are added just before the bend which allows for simple connection with the existing wiring. The piping then smoothly transitions into the muffler with another RSR style clamp for simple installation.

The muffler design varies greatly from designs that are common in the aftermarket. Our muffler is uniquely made with double perforated sound absorption tubes based on the Halbgegenstromprinzip (half counter current principle). The acoustic silencer absorption tubes are made in a trapezoidal pattern and are perforated with varying diameters. This design isolates and dampens the unwanted frequencies that create drone. Perforated tubes also create much less flow restriction than baffle plates at higher gas velocities, and consequently translates into larger horsepower and torque gains throughout the entire rev range. We also insist upon a more expensive factory stamped design which also assists with reducing drone and resonance in the cabin.

The exhaust tips are 3.5 inches (90 mm) dual round outlets that perfectly complement the rear bumper cutout. Each tip is double walled stainless which dissipates heat more efficiently so that the tips don't discolor with heat as quickly as single walled tips. Each tip includes an embossed FVD Brombacher logo.

The resulting sound exhibited is a sonorous, linear-firing-order dominated flat 6 Porsche sound, which also gurgles and crackles off throttle. It is the closest to a Cup Car sound in nature and is unmistakably Porsche. This sound is not a coincidence as our entire Brombacher Edition line of exhausts is manufactured by M&M Exhaust, GmbH whose exhaust can be heard on many of the Porsche race cars we have loved to listen to over the years.

Regarding performance, we were able to achieve gains of + 40 HP and 29 TQ on a 997.2 Carrera S model, with this exhaust, FVD software and a BMC sport filter:
Max. Power - 316 kW (425 HP) @ 6500 rpm
Max. Torque – 460 Nm (339 lb. ft) @ 4500 rpm
Max. Speed – 310 km/h (193 mph)
Max. RPM – 7700 rpm
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph)- 4.1 s

In closing, the German made, FVD Brombacher brand offers you far more exclusivity than those common in the aftermarket. Stand out at your next track or coffee meet and watch the looks of envy when your friends hear this exhaust, feel the performance gains and see the quality. After all, you own a German car for a reason and tuning with German made FVD Brombacher parts enhances the joy of ownership without regret.

Please note: This race system is not C.A.R.B. certified (California) nor is it TÜV approved or EPA certified and cannot be used on the street. We recommend FVD software tuning, as stock tuning will throw a check engine light (CEL) and will cause the car far to rich. This is the perfect time to take advantage of our FVD Progressive Tuning Program, explained in our performance software option, like part # FVD99761860MG for example. And please don't forget, if you already have FVD performance software, this exhaust purchase includes a free software update!

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